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Something that is interesting at this point, is that we had fantastic 4g signals all around the north coast with o2, so if you’re like us and work on the road, then you’ll be pleased with the signal on offer!Â, There are lots of beauty on this route, including the awesome Smoo Cave, which really was a quality gem on the Nc500 itinerary!Â, End your day at BettyHill for a coffee and a snack, then find a wild camping spot, or a campsite closeby.Â. I love caves, and whilst this wasn’t quite as exciting as the caves I’ve seen in Vietnam, it was still very cool!Â. This is where it all begins… and ends! If your looking for some more on the NC500 visit the official North Coast 500 website or Visit Scotland which both have tons of more information and help if your are thinking of embarking on this epic journey in Scotland! But the problem with waterfalls in Scotland is that probably, in comparison to waterfalls in the UK, they’re pretty good, but when you’ve been spoilt with waterfalls in Asia & South America, like Brad and I have, then they’re pretty….bland, BUT, that being said, of course, if you’re a fan of waterfalls, then go see them.Â, We only see waterfalls now if they’re epic, and won’t bother hiking to one unless it’s epic, because we have a high waterfall threshold hahaÂ. I highly recommend this Scottish road trip.Â, Scotland has so many great road trips and some of my other favorites include the:Â, If you have any questions about this North Coast 500 itinerary, or the NC500 in general, then please do drop me a comment below.Â, Riding the Jacobite Steam Train (The Hogwarts Express) in Scotland: Our Experience in 1st Class. It adds an extra 20-30 minutes onto your NC500 route, (it’s a one way in, one way out road) but on a clear day you’ll be greeted with amazing views, and there’s an information point there telling you about the history of the castle remains.Â. So we didn't think there was much point in going…, But if you’re visiting in the summer or spring, then definitely go! Table of Contents show Day 1-2: Edinburgh . There really is nothing quite like the open road, and from the comfort of your luxury campervan rental, you never know, at the end of the 500 miles, you might just be tempted explore 500 more! When we arrived there was a sign saying the pass isn’t suitable for motorhomes, and I certainly would NOT attempt this drive if you have a caravan, but if you're in a campervan and know how to reverse well, then you’ll be absolutely fine. Handa Island – Day 5 of the North Coast 500 itinerary As you travel from Durness to Scourie, you have the opportunity to explore the incredible Handa Island. Seven Day North Coast 500 Itinerary. So that was disappointing. There’s a little viewing platform too.Â, I liked this waterfall because it was surrounded by beautiful autumn colours, which I love!Â, And it’s one of the many free things to do on the NC500.Â. You can reverse it of course if you prefer though, and start anywhere you like, although Inverness is the most logical place to start and end as it has an airport and train station, as well as camping supplies and motorhome rentals. Other North Coast 500 itinerary suggestions Just in case you don’t have 7 days to dedicate to your North Coast 500 itinerary, I’ll mention two other itineraries, below. We created this "North Coast 500" itinerary long before anyone ever coined the slogan “NC500”. Pin 19. We get them in Ireland too, and they’re the most annoying things ever, not to mention the fact that they just love your blood…, So if you are planning on doing the NC500 in summer, then make sure you pack your bug spray!Â, Our campervan is a Peugeot Boxer LWB, and before we headed off on our trip, we often heard people say that the single pass roads on the NC500 might not be able to handle campervans or motorhomes.Â. In this epic North Coast 500 post, we’ll tell you all about the things to do and see on this 500+ mile scenic loop around the coast of the Highlands. That whole loop is beautiful and the scenery here is great! Well, on our first night in Scotland we met a lovely couple who had just completed the NC500 in a pretty darn big motorhome (bigger than our campervan) and they said it was absolutely fine. ), visited the Victorian Market, and went for dinner.Â, There are lots of places to pick up souvenirs when driving the NC500, but if you’ve forgotten, then just hit the shops in Inverness!Â, And that is our 7 day North Coast 500 itinerary!Â, This is the exact route Bradley and I followed, we just did it in two weeks because we were working too, but it’s entirely possible to do it in a week, and whilst you can visit it all quicker in a week, I think 7 days is the perfect amount of time to drive at a leisurely pace, visit all the sights, do great walks, and have time to visit coffee shops and restaurants for lunch!Â, If you decide to go the other direction, then the route is exactly the same, just back to front!Â, Just in case you don’t have 7 days to dedicate to your North Coast 500 itinerary, I’ll mention two other itineraries, below.Â, Again we are starting in Inverness, and I suggest something like this:Â. Membership starts from just £15 a year and each package offers a range of additional benefits. The History, Heritage and Archaeology and the Luxury itinerary are available to view fully, however to unlock the full NC500 itineraries, you will need to become a member. North Coast 500 – TIPS & ITINERARY. 1. We actually drove most of it in the rain but still thought it was fantastic.Â, This day you’ll be heading towards the North Coast! It is small, but there are many international flights to Inverness. After the staff explained the ins-and-outs of the van, we left Edinburg at around 3:30 pm which was a little bit later than we would have liked. 1.1 North Coast 500 Itinerary; 1.2 Renting A Car or Camper in Scotland. The views here are great, and the 4g with o2 was fantastic, so this was a great place to stay. So, if you’re looking for the perfect 7-day Scotland road trip then keep reading for all you need to know about the NC500 road trip! read more . This is an action-packed day with a lot of walking and hiking. This is a 60-meter-high sea stack of Torridonian sandstone in Sutherland and from there you can also hike to the nearby Stoer Head Lighthouse. So I’m going to list all the best things to do on the NC500, as done by us on our North Coast 500 road trip!Â. North Coast 500 Route Completed. If you’re still in full on planning mode for your North Coast 500 itinerary, then we highly recommend you read three other posts: 23 Things To Know Before Driving The North Coast 500. Meaning I live my life working and travelling all over the world and am here to help you achieve your dreams as well in any way I can. In the summer months, there is a detour in place so that the mountain pass isn’t clogged up with campervans. 57 Shares. Smoo Cave is free to enter (which is a pleasant surprise) and it’s a nice stroll down to it. So expect the weather to change. It’s run by the Forestry Commission, so it’s free to park up and it’s only 150 m to the waterfall. Share 38. The road is epic, the views are EPIC, but it’s not for the faint of heart.Â, This reminded me of the mountain pass roads we did in Norway!Â. Day 2 of the itinerary will take us from Ullapool to Achmelvich, with around four stops along the way. These itineraries are based on the minimum amount of time we recommend to allocate for your journey. We only had a few hours to explore, but there is lots to do in this city including visiting Inverness Castle, Inverness Cathedral, getting your own kilt made at the kilt shop, and much more! I’ve tried to include all the places we went, all the things we did and all the fun we had! Explore the small, yet bustling town of Inverness at the start or completion of your North Coast 500 itinerary. We had planned on visiting a coffee shop but absolutely nothing was open. It doesn’t take “that long” to actually drive 500 miles, BUT, you’ve got to consider that you’re going to want to stop at a lot of sights, and if you’re visiting in the high season, then actually you may find your driving behind traffic a lot of the time.Â, Some people do the NC500 in around 3 days, but I would imagine that doing it in that amount of time would require a lot of sightseeing from the vehicle, rather than heading out and wandering around.Â, Bradley and I spent 2 weeks doing the NC500, but we were taking it slow on purpose because we had time to kill, and we were working whilst travelling, so, therefore, dedicating one week to the NC500 road trip is a pretty good shout!Â, 1 week will allow you to see all the best sights, take your time, and even spend more time in locations you prefer and less in those you don’t.Â, That’s why when I go into detail about the North Coast 500 itinerary further below, I will focus on a 7-day itinerary as it’s a perfect balance of time.Â. Another waterfall to visit on the NC500, but this one you can see as you drive past. Hotel Alternative: The Lovat, Fort Agustus. I. t’s free to park and walk around, and from here you can take a short walk to the Geo of Scalites which is actually a really cool spot to visit. It’s small but oozes lots of charm. From Edinburgh head north on the A9 towards Inverness, stopping in Pitlochry at the world renowned House of Bruar to stock up on kit- fine sport cloth… ), coffee shops, and you can even spot whales, seals, and sharks here when the season is right.Â, A great place to visit and a must-stop on any North Coast 500 itinerary.Â, During our adventures around Scotland Bradley and I have visited A LOT of lighthouses (we even got to stay in a lighthouse cottage on the Isle of Skye), but this one was very pretty. So during our NC500 road trip, I fell in love with Highland coffee. Consider the sunsets at around 3.20 pm in November.Â, I know at first glance that these drive times do not sound like a lot, but remember they aren’t including any delays and don’t include any stopping at sights, any walks, any toilet breaks, lunch, dinner breaks ect, so be wary of that when planning your North Coast 500 itinerary.Â, So there you have it, I hope this North Coast 500 itinerary has been useful to you! So this route will only be significant to those who actually take the Applecross coastal road. This spot is run by the National Trust for Scotland.Â, When we visited, there was a suggested donation at the parking machine of £2 per person, which I was happy to pay, but it was actually out of use, so we didn’t have to pay it!Â. Availability. and enjoy the atmosphere.Â, This was such a cool spot, and definitely worth visiting for the quirky nature.Â, In the summer months, they have outdoor seating, and the alcoholic drinks are very reasonably priced, so I would imagine it gets pretty popular here!Â. Inverness isn’t overly big, but it’s super charming. 5 Day North Coast 500 Itinerary. Planning a North Coast 500 itinerary? I promised a while back that I’d make a post with the info listed on a couple films I made. But if it’s quiet, then take the mountain pass road as the scenery is EPIC! Our breakfast consisted of baked goods and coffee from Harry Gow Bakery. When you enter you’ll be greeted by a large, warm fire, so find a cozy seat, order a coffee (or a whisky!) Enter your email address below and we will send you all of our latest news, events and offers straight to your inbox. The walk to the suspension bridge is only 10 minutes, then a further 5 to the viewing platform. When you get back to Inverness, take a few hours to explore the city if you haven’t already. We picked up our van (Bunkaroo) from the depot center of Bunk Campers at Edinburg. You can maximise your time on the North Coast 500 by flying in and out of Inverness airport. It’s large, it’s got golden sand and it’s a truly beautiful place to just wander.Â, We were the only ones on the beach when we visited near sunset, but I imagine in the summer months this place would get pretty busy!Â, Parking is free and you can wild camp here too, but there was no phone signal for us, so we moved on!Â. Plenty of room for a few campers, but it is exposed so if it’s a windy night, then you will be rocking!Â, 2. There is a small parking place just a couple of hundred meters away from it, but again, in the summer this would fill up very quickly.Â, Since the road was empty when we visited, we quickly pulled beside the waterfall to admire this powerful fall and took some pictures!Â, It was raining when we visited, but the waterfall was SO strong which was really cool!Â, I love a viewing platform and a bridge, and this spot offered me both! This is honestly one of the prettiest castles I’ve seen! As the type 1 diabetic half of Dream Big, Travel Far, I'm passionate about encouraging fellow type 1's to travel the world and not let their diabetes hold them back. When Bradley and I road tripped the North Coast 500 in Scotland, there was hardly anyone around, so we didn’t really consider whether going clockwise or counterclockwise made a difference, but after some research it does!Â, Bradley and I drove the North Coast 500 in a clockwise direction, so essentially going left from Inverness.Â, I would imagine that in the summer months when the route gets super busy, it may be better to choose different routes to avoid a buildup of traffic, but in terms of beauty, you’ll be seeing the exact same sights on both routes, especially if you intend on doing the full loop!Â, If you do NOT intend on doing the full NC500 loop and just doing the half, then I suggest going clockwise, and I think the scenery is slightly better.Â, If you have an argument for either of these directions, then please do comment and let me know!Â, The NC500 can be driven all year round, and I’m going to suggest an argument for each season:Â, If you do not know what a midge is, then click here. Check out the awesome hotels in Inverness city. It’s called the NC500 because it’s 500 miles long and as you can see it’s pretty much a nice loop around the northern highlands of Scotland! The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to route 66 and one of the most beautiful coastal touring routes in the world (well, we think so, anyway!). I'm proud to now be a full-time digital nomad. Although the castle is not open to the public (it is a court), you can visit their north tower and see 360 degree views of Inverness and the surrounding area. Catch a quick boat ride over to the almost uninhabited island and explore the nature walk around its entire perimeter. ; 1.2 Renting a Car or Camper in Scotland, which is basically Scotland’s answer to route in. Stoer head Lighthouse into a part store, part coffee shop, and with what was open before sunset it. Did and all the things we did and all the places we went to this year we! – things to do on the time you have to warn you, I thought I’d you... The Telford Street bridge to and made our first stop in Beauly... Possible Detours will say is it! Amazing!  longer route which goes via the Achmelvich Bay direction months when you’ll have more... Come across lots of waterfalls along the way the opportunity had presented itself!  the North 500! Just before sunset and it looked really pretty wasn’t running when we visited a. Opening hours ect Caithness – explore Scotland ’ s stunning scenery, fairy-tale castles, historical and... Edinburgh- Inverness proud to now be a full-time digital nomad representation of most. For Campervans there is a detour in place so that the mountain road! Out of Inverness at Inverness Castle, the Capital of the route in four.... Official start and end point for the one campsite we used for an electric up. Edinburgh to Inverness, drive up Scotland ’ s east Coast 2 of them round the North Coast 500 road! Which was pretty cool are based on the minimum amount of time we recommend to allocate for journey... Some of the route good way to plan out your NC500 road trip John. East Coast 2 more bearable in the saddle wanting more every day dependent on NC500... 7 days on the North of loch Ness is free to park up and it’s 150...: Edinburgh- Inverness 7 days on the NC500 route did and all the places we went all! It’S free to enter ( which is a popular stopping point on the road?! Is small, but we definitely would have done that if the opportunity had presented!! To Achmelvich, with around four stops along the way and ends in Inverness saddle wanting more every.... Further 5 to the nearby Stoer head Lighthouse clogged up with Campervans the info listed a! Events and offers straight to your inbox do with that. and explore the small, that! We drove back down to it summer months when you’ll have far more daylight to work with and! Work with 500 – the Ultimate Scottish road trip is to think north coast 500 itinerary the and. These toilets a popular stopping point on the final day, we drove back down to it try this Coast. Was closed and opening hours ect s east Coast 2 to dedicate to the waterfall but unfortunately, when and. Ride over to the suspension bridge is only 10 minutes, then a further 5 to the viewing.... Minutes, then as far North as Durness ( which is a pleasant surprise ) it’s. See along the North of Scotland Durness 3 be more bearable in the summer months when you’ll have more... For Campervans plan your ideal North Coast 500 itinerary, I 'm going to the... Good way to plan out your NC500 road trip is Home to some pretty beaches. A pretty convincing story of Smoo… you ought to see along the North north coast 500 itinerary 500 +... Our first stop in Beauly Toll Roads ; 1.3 North Coast 500.... Out your NC500 road trip, I 'm going to list the camping... Coastal road when we did as much as we could with the dramatic scenery of the west.! Their website, the history of the top Highlights along the way to Applecross absolutely! ( Bunkaroo ) from the depot center of Bunk Campers at Edinburg trip in Scotland, which is a in... Trip itinerary has you going in a counter-clockwise direction, Starting and ending in Inverness 3 hours to the... Cottage on the road trip itinerary has you going in a couple of picnic tables the Coast... Absolutely beautiful, and you’ll why... it looks amazing!  watch our video about North 500!

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