About Us

KUSA Registered breeder 039/2011

We are dedicated to improving the breed and only breed from the very best national and international dogs available. We aim at having 2 – 3 litters per year and select for type, temperament, good hips and elbows. All our dogs are genetically clear of the PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) gene.


Where does our kennel name come from?

Carol (my wife) and I bought our first lab in 1975, – Miss Major’s breeding – a yellow bitch we named Meg. While in the process or transferring her to our name we were looking for a suitable Kennel name. Late one evening she was lying on a carpet in front of us and we were trying out different possibilities. The stage production of “Joseph and his multicoloured dream coat” was on at the time and we’d loved it. Something made me say “Potiphar” and Meg started to wag her tail very enthusiastically. We repeated the name many times and every time she wagged her tail. So Potiphar it was!

We have owned, bred and shown many labs since then and have had our share of setbacks and disappointments. Despite this it’s been – and still is – a wonderful and rewarding pastime. In all my years as a practising veterinarian (I am now retired) I have always had a particular soft spot for labbies. Of all the breeds, they have proven themselves so very versatile. Originally bred as gundogs, they are not only good at retrieving but are used as guide dogs, helper dogs for the disabled, sniffer dogs and so the list goes on. Above all, their cheerful and tolerant good nature makes them ideal family pets.

“The ever cheerful willingness is the hallmark of this breed that makes it so adaptable to all facets of training. It is not so much the talent for every job, more the sheer willingness to please his master.”
Marion Hopkinson from her book “Everyone’s dog” –